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Garden Gallery

This gallery shows pictures from around the garden. Click any image to see a larger picture.


Butterfly Gardens

H. 'Celebrity Elite'
Will Work for Daylilies
Will Work For Daylilies


Views of the Garden From the West End

Angel and Mauna Loa Daylilies



Hosta Bench

Daylilies and House
Entrance to the Main Display Gardens and a Place to Relax in the Hammock

Peter and Flowers

Garden Rabbit

Jenny and her Garden Kittens
Daylily Fields During Peak Provide Bloom that can be seen from the Nearby Town

Daylilies North

Daylilies South

Daylilies West

Daylily Field

Daylily Row


Rows of Daylilies

Our Angel welcomes you to our garden

View the massed "snake of daylilies" that surrounds the main garden.

Maggie our cart dog.

Views of the garden from the West end.

Our garden Sign.

This is the first garden area you see when approaching our home. A bench is provided for quiet reflections.


Daylily fields during peak provide bloom that can be seen from the nearby highway.

Entrance to the main display gardens and a place to relax in the hammock.

A look at the daylily fields in the morning

Reflection of the sunflower field planted across the pond

Derrick (son), Krista (daughter), Chuck & Jenny

Chuck & Jenny
Chuck & Jenny